5 Tips to Prevent Car Break-ins

It can happen quite unexpectedly, you grab your car keys, head out to your car and your heart sinks as you discover a window is shattered. The reality of having personal items stolen from your car can leave you feeling violated and vulnerable. While there’s no way to stop things like this from happening there are a few things you can do to make your car less of a target.


  • Keep things out of sight. Before you get out of your car any valuables such as wallets. Purses, cell phones or cameras should be tucked under the seat or stowed away in the glove compartment. Even spare change or an empty box that might signal valuables needs to be hidden or removed.
  • Get a detachable stereo faceplate. A car thief won’t steal a car stereo without a faceplate it’s no value to him. Even if you store the faceplate out of sight it acts as a deterrent as they’re looking to steal quick and easy items out in the open.
  • Keep a car secure. Too often a person might believe it’s okay to leave their car unlocked when they’re only going to be gone a few minutes. For a professional car thief that’s all they need to ransack the inside of your car. So lock your doors all the time, why make their job easier by giving them an open door. Be sure to leave windows completely rolled up even if it’s hot inside when you return.
  • Park in a public location. You might know a great parking spot that’s readily available but it’s down this dark, deserted alley, but be aware criminals like it there too. Instead park where there’s lots of traffic and people around, under a street light or where there’s security cameras are good choices as well.
  • Purchase a car alarm. We all know those car alarms that go off and the owner never seems to bother to turn it off. Yes it’s annoying but you’ll notice that you never see any car thieves around a car as noisy as that. They are looking to maintain a low profile and try to go undetected not attract attention. Those that break into cars or steal them avoid cars equipped with an alarm and it’s possible to purchase products that only make it look like you have a car alarm.

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