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5 Tips to Prevent Car Break-ins

It can happen quite unexpectedly, you grab your car keys, head out to your car and your heart sinks as you discover a window is shattered. The reality of having personal items stolen from your car can leave you feeling violated and vulnerable. While there’s no way to stop things like this from happening there are a few things you can do to make your car less of a target.


  • Keep things out of sight. Before you get out of your car any valuables such as wallets. Purses, cell phones or cameras should be tucked under the seat or stowed

All Your Car Repair Questions Answered Here

When is the last time you dealt with a car repair? They can be devastating if you’re not prepared with the information you need to make good decisions. A whole world of things could go wrong, and that is why you should keep reading this article so that you can be properly prepared.

There are many how-to videos that you can turn to for auto repairs. Everything from a simple tire change to changing your fuel filter can be found in video form. These videos will take you through each step in making the repair and will save you the …